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The Power Pack

The Power Pack

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Introducing the Helkrafte Auto Power Pack - Your Ultimate Cleaning Arsenal

Elevate your cleaning game with the Helkrafte Auto Power Pack, a dynamic trio that combines the formidable cleaning power of our three signature steps into one comprehensive solution. This all-in-one package encompasses the potency of Helkrafte's Power Pre-Wash, the extended cleaning action of Foam Fury, and the enduring protection and shine of High Gloss Sealant Wash. With the Power Pack, you can simplify your cleaning routine while achieving outstanding results. Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and contaminants, and embrace a new level of cleaning efficiency and brilliance. Experience the ultimate in automotive care with the Helkrafte Auto Power Pack - all 16 oz bottles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cooper Medlin

after this whole week of off and on rain I said I was gonna test this and put it to the test
(due to me not having a power washer I was not able to do step 3 the sealant)
step 1 the power was the best wash I've ever used the truck was slammed from head to toe in the dark NC mud and I've never seen anything that just from a hand wash with no power washer just straight water hoes that works

step 2 foam fury - brings out the shine in the best way possible if you love a great shine and if your going to a show and you wanna have the cleanest truck or car their id 100% recommend


I would recommend it to everyone. If you’re worried about your hi-end paint job, then this is the product you want to use.